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Will Liposuction Compression Garments Speed Recovery?

The biggest reason that people buy liposuction compression garments is to speed recovery after surgery. Even though the risks of liposuction are low, there are still going to be some normal problems after the surgery is completed. You’re going to have to take the time to recover from your liposuction. And most people want that time to be as short as possible. So do liposuction compression garments really speed recovery times, or is it all hype?

Benefits of Liposuction Compression Garments

Before we talk about whether or not you’ll get better faster, let’s talk about what you’ll get if you wear liposuction compression garments after your surgery. First and foremost, you’ll be reducing any swelling in the area of the liposuction. Since you probably are having lipo in order to reduce the size of the area, you probably don’t want it to swell up after the surgery. In the short term it may not seem like a big deal, but the fact is that your skin is going to be healing. If your body is swollen in the area where the skin is still healing, it can heal in a way that is not what you wanted from your liposuction.

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Liposuction compression garments keep your body in the shape you want them to be in after your lipo surgery.

In addition, edema, or the pooling of fluids, can be uncomfortable and cause other problems if it’s not addressed. So reduce the likelihood of edema by wearing those liposuction compression garments every day once you’re approved to wear it after lipo.

Another benefit of liposuction compression garments is the way they make you feel. You are going to be a bit weak, you’re going to be tired, you’ll need extra sleep - these are normal for anyone who is recovering from surgery. But when you do start moving around again, you’ll also feel vulnerable. You will want to be very cautious about avoiding any kind of injury to the area where you had surgery. Liposuction compression garments will help you to feel like you’re supported and in less danger than when you’re not wearing them.

The Facts on Recovery Times

Here’s what we know for sure: people who use liposuction compression garments after they’ve had lipo tend to be confident about using their bodies sooner than people who don’t use them. That means that when it’s time to start getting physical again and reintroducing some of that physical activity that you stopped in order to heal, you’ll be ready when you wear compression garments. That, in turn, helps to speed the recovery period.

There’s nothing definitive that says you will absolutely heal more quickly if you use liposuction compression garments. But the majority of people who use them get back on the horse a lot quicker than people who don’t. When you feel protected and stronger, you’ll be braver when it comes to getting stronger, so you’ll work towards feeling better. And that makes it worth wearing liposuction compression garments.

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