Why Wear Compression Garments?

The Importance of the ContourMD® Surgical Compression

Compression garments are essential for your recovery.

While the use of these also optimize the healing process, there’s basically no end to the benefits of compression garments.

The science behind compression

ContourMD® compression garments are designed with high-quality materials that conform to the patients contours.

The idea of the garment is to assist in closing the space(s) that are created during surgery. When there’s elevation and forging connections in the skin and muscle, you want them to properly heal in the right position. ContourMD® compression garments close these spaces with gentle, constant pressure, and help tissues heal together by keeping everything in proper place.

manage swelling and bruising

While reducing the chances of other risks and complications.


The benefits of the ContourMD® compression garments include maximizing the healing potential and providing increased comfort and circulation.

They help prevent the formation of fluid (also known as seromas) to heal down the underlying tissues. Compression garments give support as well as controlling the body’s natural healing ability by compressing the layers of skin, so they can properly heal together.

They can improve the appearance of scarring and help your body adapt to its new shape, while reducing the risk of your body developing a lax appearance. Overall, compression garments provide smoother, tighter and more attractive surgical results.


Reduces swelling and bruising

Optimizes and speeds up the healing process

Lowers the risk of bleeding

Reducing the risks of scarring

Shapes & contours the targeted areas

Reduces complications of infections

Less pain & discomfort during recovery

The Contour Contessa

There are many compression garments out there that cause discomfort and irritate the skin instead of helping patients with the healing process.

Our compression garments at ContourMD® are designed to accommodate your surgical recovery. We provide a wide selection of different, high-quality garments for the various stages of recovery.