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Daily Compression Wear

Daily Compression Wear

Daily Compression Wear

Do you wear compression wear? This gear is a staple in many people’s daily wardrobe whether it’s for working out, shaping their body under their clothing (shapewear), or as a medical device for a number of purposes. High performance athletes wear compression wear for improved performance, but you don’t need to be a sports star to wear compression wear on a regular basis.

In fact, there are many benefits to wearing compression gear regularly. But, like anything else, before you get started you should know your options and know whether compression wear might be a good option for you to wear every day.

What is compression wear?

All of our garments are Made in America by our team of expert Seamstresses.

Compression wear might look like a tight or sleek sports garments or a silky undergarment with a slight sheen to it. The material is woven very tightly and consistently in order to provide a comfortable support while restricting the movement of your body. These garments give a feeling of support to your body’s tissues while you are moving around or working out, which many find to be comfortable.

And don’t worry, you can move around without restriction. If you can’t there is a chance your compression wear is way too tight.

Types of compression wear

There are different types or “grades” of compression wear depending on how tightly the fabric is woven. Compression wear that is designed for daily use tends to be woven slightly less tight in order to provide enough comfortable compression while still allowing ease of movement and unrestricted support.

Compression wear that is “medical grade” is woven more tightly as it is designed to be worn after surgery or as a medical device for a specific purpose with regards to circulation. These types of medical grade garments should be recommended by your physician before use, as compression wear isn’t necessarily safe for everybody if you have underlying conditions.

Sports wear and shapewear compression are likely not medical grade but you can check with a sales representative if you’re unsure.

Compression wear for daily use

In addition to compression wear for athletes, compression wear for daily use can be beneficial to those with extra weight or extra skin on their body, as it provides a unique type of support that is not often found in other types of clothing.

Not only does compression wear provide support for your body as you go about your daily routine, it helps improve circulation throughout the area of use. So if you spend a lot of time on your feet, wearing daily compression wear or shapewear on your lower half could be beneficial to help you keep your blood flowing.

As a result, at the end of a long day you may feel “fresher” than you have previously, since your body has been circulating blood and repairing any muscle fatigue or micro tears that would normally have occurred on a regular basis.

Buying compression wear for daily use

There’s more to buying compression wear than just selecting a tight garment or piece of clothing that feels “too small”. As mentioned, compression garments shouldn’t be too tight or feel like they’re cutting off your circulation. As a result, high quality compression gear will always be custom sized. You will need to take your measurements and apply them using a sizing chart provided by the company you’ll be ordering your compression gear from.

The type of compression wear that you choose to buy will depend on your body’s measurements and your goals for getting the wear. An easy way to get started is through compression tights or shorts, as your lower half is required for most day-to-day activities that may benefit from compression wear.

These garments tend to also provide a smoother and sometimes “ideal” silhouette. Whether this was your intention for selecting shapewear to wear on a daily basis, or a nice additional benefit of your compression wear for health purposes, it’s a nice additional feature of the garments.

Be sure to check out pieces like the following, to get started:

Abdominal Panty Girdle 4in Waist Closed Crotch – Our Abdominal Panty Girdle provides a uniform comfort underneath your regular or gym clothing. The high quality Lycra Spandex material makes it a comfortable material for daily use and the laced front panel laced provides a nice feminine pattern.

Slip On Mid Thigh Girdle Closed Crotch – This slip on high quality Lycra fabric with reinforced abdominal panel provides a great amount of support for daily activity. Holding your body’s shape comfortably, this compression wear is ideal for daily use. The soft lace trims the mid-thigh for a beautiful design.

Brief Body Shaper With Side Zipper Closed Crotch – If you’re wearing compression wear daily to provide an aesthetic silhouette, look no further for your ideal garment. Our body shaper with side zipper provides comfortable compression for under your daily clothing. The 55% Lycra Spandex material compresses fully with cushiony softness while providing compression to the thighs, breast, abdominal area, upper/lower torso. Adjust your shoulder straps for comfort control and a custom fit.

For more information on compression garments you can visit our website here.

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