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VitaMedica: The Healing Benefits of a Nutraceutical

After surgery, the goal of the surgeon and the patient is to recover successfully and a quickly as possible. To aid and enhance in the recovery process, David Rahm, M.D., developed VitaMedica, a nutraceutical. A nutraceutical is a foodstuff, such as a fortified foods or dietary supplement which provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional values.

Lets examine the background of Dr. David Rahm: Dr. Rahm, a practicing anesthesiologist, chose to utilize alternative treatments for his back injury, instead of surgery. He then began exploring many complementary treatments, including diet, natural medicines and nutritional healing therapies. In 1992, Dr. Rahm opened his own medical clinic and began adding nutritional medical therapies, when appropriate, to his patients’ conventional treatments. He recommended adding nutritional supplements.

In order to ensure that patients received high quality nutritional supplements, he founded VitaMedica, Quality Nutraceuticals, which not only offers a Wellness product line but a Recovery product line too, because these nutraceuticals support the patient in the their critical healing stage after surgery. It important to note that, as a board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Rahm has expertise in pharmacology, conventional medicine and alternative medicine. This ensures patient safety, quality and efficacy.

VitaMedica Benefits: VitaMedica supplements help patients recover faster after a surgical procedure. In time, Dr. Rahm’s colleagues in plastic surgery began to make VitaMedica available to their patients and after realizing the speedy healing effects of these supplements after surgery, more surgeons began using them in the pre-surgery phase.

The VitaMedica line includes the VitaMedica Recovery Support Program which offers a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that support a healthy immune system. These supplements enhance wound healing.

You will find VitaMedica at ContourMD because this company’s purpose is for the patient to recover from surgery properly and to recover as comfortably and as quickly as possible, therefore, after proper research, ContourMd has chosen to make VitaMedica a part of the products available to aid in the recovery process. Visit and explore the product line of VitaMedica and discuss including these supplements in your pre and post-surgical protocol with your doctor.

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