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Time to Tighten that Tummy!

When it is time to "tighten that tummy," the Tummy Tuck Binder is a part of that process. But, before we discuss the necessity, advantages and benefits of a tummy tuck binder, we must define what a tummy tuck is.

The tummy tuck’s (medically known as abdominoplasty) purpose is the removal of excess fat and loose skin, possibly caused by a pregnancy, extreme weight changes, aging, or a past surgery. A tummy tuck firms up separated or weakened muscles, giving the patient a toned, smooth abdominal profile by removing the skin or fat from the middle and lower abdomen. The abdominal wall’s muscle is tightened with this procedure.

Usually, there are two types of abdominoplasty:

  • Complete abdominoplasty is when the abdomen is cut from hipbone to hipbone and may include moving the navel. The muscle and tissue is then contoured. If drainage tubes are needed, they are placed under the skin, for a short time period.
  • Mini or partial abdominoplasty is used when deposits of fat can be found below the navel. Skin is separated between the incision line and the navel. An endoscope could be used, which is a small camera positioned at the tube’s end.

The plastic surgeon usually discusses postoperative instruction, including the use of a compression garment designed for abdominoplasty recovery, such as the tummy tuck binder. Often, the surgeon will put the tummy binder in place at the end of the surgery. This is to allow the abdominal skin’s tissue to adhere to the abdominal wall, sealing that space. The tummy tuck binder’s compression provides edema (swelling) control, yet allows mobility and delivers comfortable support. The binder can improve blood circulation and help the body reduce damaging fluids, all of which speeds the recovery process.

Most surgeons instruct the patient to wear the binder continuously for the first few weeks, and, then, the next few weeks, it is to be worn all day or all night. This is why the binder must be comfortable to ensure patient compliance. The support the binder provides assists when the patient is sitting, lying down, or standing.

The design of the binder should meet the patient’s needs, including convenience. Velcro fasteners allow quick access for inspection and surgical dressings, immediately following the surgical procedure.

For comfort, many tummy tuck binders are made of smooth material so it is easier to pull on and off. The material should produce proper compression, yet be lightweight and breathe. The sides should offer flexibility so that the binder does not roll.

Any surgical procedure’s preparation can be stressful for a patient, so such companies as ContourMD offer a variety of binders for the patient and surgeon to choose from. ContourMD only provides compression garments designed with cutting-edge technology with maximum comfort because the goal is always for the patient to recover in comfort.