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The Contour® women's girdle for trochanteric, flank, abdominal, thigh and knees comes in two styles,below-knee and mid-thigh. The girdles are designed with a zipper on each side for easy entry. Padded facings and strong hook-and-eye closures maximize easy fit and comfort.

Style 27 - Mid Thigh Body Shaper Open Crotch by Contour When putting girdle on, start at the bottom and work your way up. First fasten hook-and-eyes and both sides then close the zippers. Pull the garment into the crotch area as high as possible. This aids in effectively preventing excess swelling in the upper inner thigh.

Double zippers allow independent dressing changes of one side at a time. Padding can be utilized to provide additional compression to specific areas if desired. Lower leg portion of Contour® girdles can be cut off using scissors anywhere desired below the zipper without causing raveling. Contour® garments are designed to fit patients after surgery and are sizes shown are for the waist size, allowing 10-12” for hip size. Swelling and bruising usually disappear with one month. You may return to normal activities within six weeks.

Style 35Z - Mid Calf Body Garment Side Zippers Open Crotch

Thigh Surgery Recovery Tips

Style 2 - Mid Calf Girdle 4in Waist Open Crotch by ContourMade the decision to reduce the excess fat on your thighs? You’re probably very excited about your impending thigh surgery, but also a big nervous and not sure what to expect for the thigh surgery recovery. Thigh surgery usually involves some liposuction and a thigh lift surgery to remove excess skin from the inner thigh. Other thigh surgeries will remove skin and fat cells from the outer thigh. Your surgeon will likely explain every detail about the surgery to you, and you should not be shy about asking questions and understanding just what you’re expected to do during your thigh surgery recovery.

Immediately After Surgery

When you come out of anesthesia you’ll likely have drainage tubes from the incisions. While it may seem strange, during the first 48 hours, you’ll have ongoing drainage but you’ll also be encouraged to walk. If it’s too painful, however, you should avoid the movement. Definitely avoid fairs, squatting down, or any movements that stretch the incision areas over the first three days. Usually after 48 hours, you’ll be ready to shower and your dressings will be removed so you can do so.

Style 3 - Mid Thigh Girdle 2in Waist by Contour

The First Week

During the first week, you should plan to take a whole week if possible. It will be uncomfortable and you may find that you experience some swelling and a kind of tight feeling in your thighs during thigh surgery recovery. You’ll use pain medication to manage any discomfort, but you’ll find that the pain doesn’t last too long.

Style 27Z - Mid Thigh Body Shaper w/ Side Zippers by Contour

Six Weeks Later

During the first six weeks, you’ll visit your doctor and monitor the way your legs feel and look to be sure that things are okay. Most likely you’ll start to see the scars fading and you’ll be pleased with your new legs. After six weeks, you can even start to exercise again. Then you’ll know your thigh surgery recovery is mostly complete.