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Thigh Surgery

Lifting the inner thighs requires only short incisions extending from the anterior part of the thigh/groin crease around to the buttock crease. Lateral or anterior thigh lifts can be performed as separate procedures if desired. Lifting the entire thigh and buttock (circumferential lower body lift) will require much longer incisions that start in the buttock crease, extend around the groin, up over the side of the abdomen, over the flank and across the back.

Thigh Surgery Procedure Options and Details

Thigh surgery procedures are very popular and can dramatically change the way you feel about your legs. Many people find that as they age the skin of their thighs begins to get baggier and saggier on the inside, while fat on the outer thigh is some of the hardest to get rid of with normal weight loss methods. Additionally, many people who do lose a significant amount of weight find that the skin remains behind and there’s no other way to remove it besides with a thigh surgery procedure. Here are the most common types of thigh surgery procedures and a bit of info about what to expect.

Thigh Liposuction

Liposuction done on the thighs can be either on the outer or inner thigh and is often combined with another thigh surgery procedure, in order to remove any fat cells in the area. It’s a fairly simple procedure and does not require a long recovery.

Thigh Surgery to Remove Skin

If the thighs are saggy or have excess skin due to weight loss, the skin can be removed and the thighs can be re-shaped to be more firm and youthful looking. This is also a relatively straightforward thigh surgery procedure and while it’s important to allow enough time to recover, most people can be back to office-type work after a week.

A Complete Picture

If you’re considering thigh surgery procedures, most likely you’ll speak to a surgeon about everything that’s involved in the process. You should find out how long it will take for you to recover from the surgery and what you’re expected to do to care for your new legs. Most people recover without problems and are simply thrilled to see that their legs have been transformed into something they can be proud of with thigh surgery procedures.