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The Compression Garment Is For All Ages!

What is a Compression Garment?

A compression garment… that sounds like a Medieval form of torture, or perhaps, something our great-grandmother might dawn! If anything else, it sounds unattractive. Let’s squash those old visuals immediately!

A compression garment is clothing for men and women, customized for various parts of the body in order to provide firm support through pressure (compression) to that targeted body area. The compression garment can serve as a postoperative aid after a “tummy tuck,” or they can be a compression sock/hose which is used by people who have circulation issues, perhaps, by those who must stand for long time periods. Athletes wear compression sportswear to address muscle stiffness. Body shapers also come under the category of compression garments.

A compression garment applies different degrees of compression, depending on the goal and objective, including post-surgery swelling and fluid or for post-operative therapy for the upper/lower body.

Let’s focus on the Postoperative Compression Garment: After a surgery, this type of compression garment is designed to accommodate the various stages of recovery. The compression garment may be a bra, girdle, vest or body suit to provide compression following undergoing such surgeries as breast surgeries, tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), or liposuction. ContourMD, a compression garment manufacturer and supplier, offers compression wear for the three basic stages for postoperative healing.

  • Stage One is called the “Healing” stage because it is to be worn immediately after a surgery when a patient usually needs the highest degree of compression. This is the time when a patient experiences swelling and fluid accumulation, causing discomfort. The compression from the garment will reduce these problems, easing the discomfort and enhancing the healing process. The garment is also designed with hooks and eye closures or open crotches for the patient’s convenience because they are most likely instructed to wear the compression garment continuously for a period of time. It also allows easy assess for doctor follow-up.
  • Stage Two is called the "Recovery" stage because, a required period time must pass, and if the surgical site is recovering properly, another compression garment is designed which, can now be removed for some time, therefore, this garment can be pulled up or off, and may provide a lower degree of compression. This garment may now be adjustable. It still provides support for those targeted areas and also helps contour the body and improve posture, while increasing circulation of the blood, again accelerating healing and providing comfort.

  • Stage Three is called the “Everyday” stage because, at this time period, even less compression may be needed and the garment can be worn just like your traditional wear for everyday, such as a body shaper. This garment still offers support and shapes the body, comfortably. Many patients continue to wear their compression garments because they not only provide comfortable firmness, the garment is quite stylish!

The compression garment’s fabric allows the patient’s skin to breathe as it contours the body. ContourMD not only provides compression garments with the latest compression technology with maximum comfort, their garments also address the patient’s mental health, so style is a part of the design, enabling the patient to feel confidence in their appearance immediately, while they undergo the recovery stages.

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