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Post Surgery Bra Review

If a woman is recovering from surgeries such as a mastectomy, breast reduction or breast reconstruction, or has a breast prosthesis, they may be a candidate for a post surgery bra. After surgery, the breasts can be painful, swollen and tender to the touch and the post surgery bra was created to address these issues.

The post surgery bra is designed to provide comfortable support, and, depending on the need, they can be made of a soft material, or, if compression is necessary after a surgery, a firm material will be more appropriate for the recovery process.

The prosthesis bra may also be considered a post surgery bra. This bra is designed with pockets to hold the breast prosthesis secure.

The post surgery bra provides support which will reduce the pain after surgery and the compression will decrease the swelling and assist with healing. Many surgeons recommend wearing the bra all day and night, after surgery, for a specific period of time, so the bra must be comfortable to insure patient compliance. In fact, the ideal situation is for the patient to allow the surgeon to see them wear the bra to make sure that it fits properly for a successful recovery. The breasts require time to heal and, for that time period, proper support is necessary. This is mandatory because tissue, and scars from the incision must heal smoothly.

Post surgery bras are not the same as the tradition bra women are use to wearing. The post surgery bra is made of an elastic material which produces compression and support, while, simultaneously, delivering softness against tender skin. It may take some time for some women to get used to wearing this bra due to its firm support. This is why it is so important for the patient to wear the correct size. In time, this constricted feeling will decrease as the breasts recover.

Because the patient will experience temporary limitations while recovering, this bra offers conveniences such as a clasp in the front which adapts to the changes during the patient’s various stages of the healing process, from the beginning, when absolute compression is necessary, to gradually less constriction, as time passes and the skin heals. Adjustable shoulder straps are available and, depending on if the bra is adjustable or not, it may have hook and eye closures or a zipper. This bra’s cups are molded and offer extreme softness and support which have layers underneath the breasts as well, and the bands are made of thick elastic which provide lift.

After such a life-changing surgical event, women deserve a post surgery bra that ensures precise support and compression for successful healing, yet still provide comfort. One company that has always understood this need is ContourMD, which supplies a vast selection of post surgery bras to accommodate all women’s needs in order that they may recover in comfort.

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