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Male Breast Reduction Recovery

Contour® male vest is designed for maximum compression and patient comfort with the highest quality powernet material. Wide double-reinforced front panel, with large armholes and Velcro® adjustable shoulder straps provide a better fit and no underarm binding. Padded hook-and-eye zipper closure, brushed inner lining on band for greater comfort.

Recovery from swelling takes one to two weeks, three weeks to return to normal activity. The gynecomastia vest is usually worn for one to two weeks to help reduce swelling. You may return to work in three to seven days.

Gynecomastia is not physically harmful, though it can occasionally indicate more dangerous underlying conditions. Its chief destructive effects lie more subtly in social and psychological results, including depression, withdrawal, peer ridicule, and complicated or obstructed relationships. Weight loss may benefit an obesity-related form known as pseudogynecomastia, and endocrinological attention may help during the first approximately 2-3 years.

After that window, however, the breast tissue tends to remain, leaving surgery (through either liposuction techniques, glandular excision, or both) the only known physical remedy, ideally by an experienced plastic surgeon.

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Male Breast Reduction Recovery Process

After a male breast reduction surgery, there will be some time that you have to remain relaxed, calm, and inactive. But fortunately, the recovery time from male breast reduction surgery is not too long. While you will need to be cautious about the way you use your arms and chest for at least a few weeks, even 3-4 days after the surgery you will probably be able to return to office-type work.

What’s Expected

Male breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess tissue, mostly skin but also some fat, from the pectoral area of the chest. The resulting shape of the chest will be tight and balanced, and most people feel it is a more natural and realistic look for them. But it’s important to take the time to recover completely before doing any heavy lifting. It is possible to damage the new shape of the male breasts if you aren't cautious.

How Long Until You Feel Normal Again?

Many men feel that their male breast reduction surgery recovery time is too long - but that’s true whether it takes a few days or more than a week. It’s hard to be cooped up or unable to do the things you’re used to doing. But remember that the recovery time is temporary, and the more you rest and allow your body to heal completely, the sooner you’ll be back to normal. Do take your doctor’s advice about how to treat your body after surgery. You’ll be glad that you did.

Time off Work

While you may only need a handful of days before you can go back to work, it’s a good idea to take a week off. Then you’ll be ready to go with the proper compression garments and your doctor’s permission to get back to life as usual, but with your new chest thanks to your male breast reduction recovery.

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