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Making The Orthosis Comfortable (The AFO Sock)

An AFO sock is a sock designed to be worn with an ankle/foot orthosis. An orthosis is a device, such as a brace, applied externally used to align, support, correct or prevent deformities. It may also improve the function of a particular part of the body, in this case, the foot and ankle. The AFO sock is used with the device.

The orthosis may confine movement to a particular direction or assist movement as well as decrease pain.

An AFO ( ankle-foot orthosis) is a brace that houses the foot and ankle. It controls the ankle and/or foot position and motion. It may be of assistance with weakness of the foot or ankle.

This ankle-foot device may be used to address such issues as a fracture or arthritis by immobilizing that part of the body and correct such problems like foot drop.

An ankle-foot orthosis is usually made of a lightweight polypropylene plastic and resembles an L-shape. The upright part may be positioned behind the calf and the lower part is under the foot. It may be rigid or jointed, depending on the need.

The brace or orthosis is worn with a knee-high sock. This is because the sock protects the skin, keeping it clean and dry. The material wicks away moisture so the skin does not break down. A custom fit aids in wrinkle prevention and eliminates bunching in the brace. Many AFO socks come with an antimicrobial treatment which kills bacteria and odor. The sock is usually designed to be seamless in order to decrease irritation and toe pressure.

Some AFO socks are made with CoolMax, Polyester or X-Static, to provide a soft, comfortable, yet perfect fit. They can be designed extra long to extend beyond the brace’s top.

Ankle-foot orthosis socks are available for adults as well as children.

The right fit is important so the user has two options. One choice is the Ankle-foot sock can be purchased “off-the-shelf, matching the size with the customer. The second choice is to have the sock customized, based on a model, from a negative cast or from computer-aided imaging.

In order to ensure patient compliance, comfort plays an important role when an ankle-foot orthosis is necessary, especially when it is for a child. ContourMD realizes this, therefore, they only carry AFO socks that are perfectly fitted and are comfortable.

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