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What to Expect During Your Liposuction Recovery Time

Contour® women’s compression garments and men's compression garments are designed to fit the body contours to provide comfortable, secure support with maximum compression during recovery after plastic or cosmetic surgery including liposuction.

Contour compression garments are made from the highest quality soft-knitted Lycra® Spandex materials, with such features as soft-brushed fabric backings on the waistbands, bra bands, augmentation bandeaus and waist binders, and padded hook-and-eye zipper closures on the bras and girdles for unprecedented comfort during recovery.

Liposuction Recovery

What to expect after a liposuction procedure

You will notice a burning sensation in the suctioned area. This area will be swollen and bruised and will remain sore for three to four days. Pain should disappear after two to three days. Depending on area, standing, sitting and lying down may be uncomfortable for several days. Stitches will be removed after seven to ten days. You may return to work after one or two weeks depending on the surgical area. You should be able to return to normal activity after three to four weeks.

A lot of the details about your liposuction recovery will be determined by where and how the procedure is done. If you have liposuction in a doctor’s office, you’ll likely go home the same day. But if your liposuction procedure is done in a hospital or surgical center, you might stay overnight for one night. There are a few things to ask your doctor, as the answers will depend on the procedure and what your doctor recommends, but here are a few things you can expect to figure out before you go into surgery.

Will You Miss Work During Liposuction Recovery?

Depending on the procedure, you may not be required to take any days off. However, to best facilitate a complete liposuction recovery, and for optimal comfort, you should try to spend a few days away from everything where you can relax and start to feel normal again.

Will You Wear Compression Garments?

Compression garments are also something you should discuss with your doctor. It is very likely that a compression garment of some kind will help you during your liposuction recovery. They are very tight fitting garments that hold the body in place and help to keep fluids from pooling in the area where the liposuction was conducted. They are also somewhat comforting because they provide support.

How Long Before You Feel Normal?

It’s possible that you’ll have pain for a week or two, which can be treated with normal pain medications. You may also find that you’ve got irregular swelling for a couple of weeks and even a few months, depending on the procedure. Liposuction recovery will be quick at first, as you start to get back to your normal life, but it’s likely that there will be things you notice for a while. Just remember to talk to your doctor about any concerns you have.

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