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Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

A breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammaplasty, is a serious surgical procedure that requires a fairly lengthy and intense period of recovery. The more sincere you are about your commitment to your recovery, the faster you can expect it to take. Treating your recovery seriously will also improve your chances for a successful and attractive final result. For instance, smokers are more apt to have noticeable, wide scars after a breast reduction surgery than non-smokers.

If you want your breast reduction recovery to be as brief, painless, and successful as possible, you will want to invest in the highest quality compression garments you can find. Surprisingly, these garments are both inexpensive and easy to purchase through ContourMD, a division of American West Medical Company. We have devoted the past two decades to perfecting our line of surgery recovery products, including compression garments, specialized pillows and wraps, and recovery creams.

Specialized Products for Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

The compression garment you wear after your reduction surgery may differ from the type of garment a woman would wear after having implants put in. After augmentation surgery, women need to wear compression garments that keep their new implants from slipping out of alignment. With reduction surgery, swelling and bruising, rather than slippage, are the primary concerns.

At the same time, you should expect your body to take about six months to fully recover and settle into your new and improved shape. If you have any questions about reducing scarring, hastening recovery, reducing swelling and bruising, or maintaining your compression garments, please email us at or telephone us at 800.331.6990.

What to Expect During Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

Not surprisingly, people who are considering a breast reduction are mostly concerned about the things they know about. They know that their breasts are larger than they would like or than is healthy, in certain patients, and that they believe they would be happier after a breast reduction. All that that entails is less concrete, because until you’ve had breast reduction surgery, it’s really hard to know what it will be like. However, you can prepare for the surgery and for the recovery.

Waking Up

The last thing you want is to wake up from surgery not knowing what to expect. Surgery itself will be relatively simple, since you won’t be performing the surgery. You’ll have to talk to an anesthesiologist beforehand and find out what it will be like to be under an anesthetic. But overall, the hardest part will be the hours and days after you wake up from surgery.

What to Plan For

In order to be prepared, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about how long you’ll need to rest after your breast reduction surgery. Not everyone has the same needs during their breast reduction surgery recovery, but your doctor will have a general idea. They may be able to tell you how many days you’ll need off from work and when you’ll be able to do things like lifting and carrying items. Because of the nature of the surgery, you will not be able to use your arms for much in the days immediately afterwards.

Be Prepared

You may want to enlist help from a friend or family member so that you won’t be on your own after the surgery. You should also ask your doctor about what kind of compression garments may help you to be comfortable and confident during your breast reduction surgery recovery.

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