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Benefits Of Compression Garments

Congratulations! You just completed your cosmetic surgery because you decided to finally do something for yourself. Yes, you deserve it after dedicating so much of yourself in taking care of others, now it’s your turn. So, what’s next? The next step is the recovery process and it is taken in stages. How can you ensure that you will experience a safe and comfortable surgical recovery, step by step? Alas, this is YOUR body and you want to maintain control by becoming an educated participant with your medical team.

Your doctor has probably discussed your body’s need of something called a compression garment, and you will need a different one for each stage of your recovery process. Yes, this sounds overwhelming, but you do not have to undergo these various recovery stages alone because, at ContourMD, we design compression garments and we will design your compression garments specifically for the recovery stages your body will experience. Indeed, we will take you by the hand, under your doctor’s direction, and assist you with your needs and concerns. ContourMD not only provides your customized compression garments, we provide you with education. Our customer service department has a caring staff who understand your concerns and they will put your mind at ease. At ContourMD, our goal is to help you "Recover in Comfort."

Your doctor probably has informed you that after the surgical procedure, you will need a compression garment. Now, ContourMD realizes that the last thing you need is something else to worry about as you recover. You just want to look forward to feeling good about your new body. ContourMD’s staff will make sure that you have no worries about your compression garments’ role in helping you to recover in comfort as the new body choices you made become a satisfying reality, throughout the recovery stages. As a matter of fact, let’s get started now…

What is a compression garment and what is its purpose?

During the surgery, dermal, subcutaneous fat, and muscle layer cohesion is disturbed. Let’s slow down here and define some terms. Dermal simply refers to your skin and the subcutaneous fat refers to the fat beneath the skin. Now, don’t let the word “disturbing” upset you, because, in this situation, the disturbance, or alteration is designed to meet your goals in a safe and healthy manner.

ContourMD medical compression garments are designed for a specific purpose based upon your surgical procedure. A procedure may target one or several areas of your body. The areas of the body that require compression, which means to squeeze or press together, are dictated by the procedures performed and the corresponding surgical sites. Your body needs compression directly at the surgical site and possibly below the affected area, since fluid will naturally flow downward with gravity. Compression after your surgery is necessary in order to address inflammation and stretching of dermal tissue due to fluid accumulating in the surgical region, especially where fatty tissues have been removed. Because of the surgical procedure, blood leaks into tissues and will later lead to this inflammation, which slows the healing process and we certainly don’t want that to occur! This is where the benefits of ContourMD compression garments come to your rescue and the benefits of the accurate compression our garments provide include:

  • Reduction of fluid buildup
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Promotes proper skin adhesion to newly contoured areas
  • Holds surgical dressings in place until removed

ContourMD compression garments are designed to compress the surgical area in a constant and consistent manner from all angles over a prolonged period of time. Our compression garments will provide support to the entire surgical location and we provide different compression garments for the various stages of your recovery, so let’s discuss those stages.

There are basically three stages to your recovery and ContourMD offers a comfortable compression garment for each stage.

Benefits Of Compression Garments

Stage 1:

On average, after surgery, the recommended duration of wearing a compression garment is from three to four weeks, we call these our ContourMD 1st Stage Healing Garments. Your garment may have zippers and/or hook and eye closures for your comfort. This garment must be worn at all times, only to be removed to shower or bathe. This is because when you remove your garment, your body will begin to expand from fluid entering the surgical area. To address this swelling, it is recommended that you immediately put on our compression garment after bathing. Keep in mind that garments require hand laundering and air drying, so a second garment is a wise investment for your peace of mind.

Stage 2:

After the first three or four weeks of your recovery, you will progress to our ContourMD 2nd Stage Recovery Garments. Since your body is now accumulating less fluid, your second stage garment is worn for less time during each 24-hour period. Furthermore, your ContourMD 2nd Stage Garment, due to the insertion of our additional inner compression panels, provides greater compression to ensure proper skin retraction and tissue adherence. Additional changes to your second stage garment may include a closed crotch and the removal of zippers and those hook and eye closures. This stage may last for about two to four more weeks. Always remember that one of ContourMD’s goals is that you “Recover in Comfort.”

Stage 3:

The last stage of your recovery compression garment is called the ContourMD 3rd Stage Everyday Garment. Our garments for your final stage of recovery are so wonderful that many of our customers want to wear them all of the time, regardless of the fact that their body has fully healed!

We have emphasized that ContourMD’s goal is for you to “Recover In Comfort” and the term “compression garment” may paint a somewhat uncomfortable and unattractive picture in your mind, so let’s swiftly dispel any negative images and thoughts you may have as long as you choose ContourMD as your compression garments of choice.

Although fabric selection and quality construction are important in producing the proper level of compression in a garment, garment design plays an even greater role. ContourMD ‘s quality garment design patterns mold your body into the ideal hourglass or V-shape, without sacrificing comfort. Since you chose the surgery to provide you with a body you will be pleased with, our garments are designed and constructed to support the procedure and align the garment to your body’s new contours. We have taken into consideration that, with the recommended wear schedule of up to 23 hours a day, that your compression garment be designed for durability and comfort. Let’s be honest, if the garment does not fit properly and is uncomfortable, you may not wear it as long as directed.

We are sure that comfort is not the only need on your list, so, because the compression garment must be worn for such a length of time, ContourMD has designed our garments’ fabric to provide for good hygiene as well.

Finally, while we are being honest, would it be too much to ask that a compression garment be attractive? ContourMD’s compression garments are not only functional, you will find our garments to be elegant and beautiful.

We applaud your decision to undertake this journey, you have planned well in looking beyond the surgery and also focusing on what is necessary for a successful recovery period. Let ContourMD compression garments allow your body and your mind to "Recover in Comfort."